Get ARPA funding for your organization

With ARPA dollars, you can boost your business or nonprofit and help create change and build a stronger St. Louis. Below, you’ll find a quick guide to applying for funding as a nonprofit or business.

Overview of the application process

To apply for ARPA funding, your organization must submit a well-crafted proposal response that clearly outlines how your requested funds will enhance the city or your organization. In your proposal, you must provide detailed information on your project’s objectives, scope, and anticipated impact on St. Louis.

Explore open RFPs and prepare your proposals

Craft a detailed proposal that includes the purpose of the project, a breakdown of the budget, and the expected outcomes. Clearly articulate in your proposal how your project contributes to making St. Louis stronger. Whether it’s infrastructure improvements, community development, or innovative solutions to local challenges, explain the tangible benefits your project will bring.

Submit your proposal online

Visit our dedicated application portal to submit your proposal. Follow the prompts to upload necessary documents, ensuring all information is accurate and comprehensive.

Proposal evaluation

Your proposal will undergo a thorough evaluation process. Reviewers will assess the feasibility, impact, and alignment with ARPA objectives.


Successful applicants will be notified promptly. If further information or clarification is required, you will be contacted during the review process.

Frequently asked questions

What is ARPA?

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is a $1.9 trillion federal aid package passed by Congress in March, 2021 to provide financial aid to families, governments, businesses, schools, nonprofits and others impacted by the pandemic.

How much funding is there for the City of St. Louis?

The City of Saint Louis was awarded $498 million in recovery funds from the American Rescue Plan Act. These funds represent a lifeline for thousands of families in our city who have been deeply impacted by the pandemic and resulting economic crisis. You can see how ARPA dollars are being distributed on the ARPA Funding Tracker.

How do I get ARPA funds for myself or my family?

Visit our American Rescue Plan Resource Guide. This is a one-stop shop where you’ll find all the programs currently available to you and your family. It includes instructions on how to apply.

How do I get ARPA funds for my business or non-profit?

Learn how to receive ARPA funding to power up your business or non-profit on our For My Business page.

Who has benefitted from ARPA so far?

Tens of thousands of families have benefitted from programs including direct cash payments, job training, health resources and free transportation. Explore available programs for you and your family.

When do ARPA funds expire?

All funds must be obligated by the end of 2024 and spent by the end of 2026.

Where can I find an example RFP?

Here is a list of our current and past RFPs.